Monday, March 28

Prompt 914: deep roots

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  1. No one had bothered to tell him. Until I did.


    "Hmp." Very gutteral.

    "Jerry. Six months ago. You were hired. To find a cure for the common cold, Jerry. Not. . . this."

    He put his ax down.

    "DAGNABIT! Now you tell me!"

    And he went on to fame and fortune.

  2. I hate my boss. Always looking for ways to keep me busy when there is nothing going on.
    Devious. Manipulative.Never offering all the details until it's too late and I'm in over my head.
    "You want to clear away a little brush out back while it's quiet? Get you out in the sunshine, away from nasty customers, exercise a little, breathe a little. Vent your frustrations."
    "Sure, sounds like a great idea."
    Are you kidding me?
    I'm gonna bury him out here as soon as I clear away enough space.

    1. Ha! I can almost hear the shovel hitting dirt.

  3. Uprooted, but still clinging. That's me. You could have knocked me over with a feather the moment those haunting words were uttered from the man I thought was my full blooded brother, "Your Father and my father are not the same.". But there was more to this startling announcement, an enjoyment in my brother's voice, as if the intrigue here was the point, not the fact that he was blowing my life into scattered fragments of lost history! In that moment, I hated many people, my Mother for her eternal lies; my true Father who had never "claimed" me, and that supposed brother who had seemed to enjoy the tumult he had just escalated into my already messed up life. Where we're my true roots? Who was I really? The search for answers would begin where?


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